Property Taxes

Taxes provide the main source of revenue to deliver services supplied by the Town, the County of Dufferin and school boards located in Orangeville. Properties are assigned a tax class depending on the use or purpose of each property. Annual tax rates are set and applied to each tax class. The tax levy for property is calculated by using the applicable tax rate and the assessed value assigned to each property.

The 2017 interim tax due dates are as follows:



February 23

February 23

April 26

April 26





Penalty for late payment

Penalty is chargeable on the first day of default and on the first day of each calendar month thereafter in which default continues as set out in the Municipal Act.  The penalty rate is 1.25% per month.

The Treasurer and/or other staff have no authority to waive or alter a penalty for any reason.

For tax inquiries, please call 519-941-0440 Ext. 2257, 2236 or email propertytaxes@orangeville.ca

Tax certificate request forms are available here.